Pops of Spring Color at Horticultural Society’s 16th Annual Flower Show

For 16 years, the Horticultural Society of New York has hosted its annual Flower Show and we are fortunate enough to be invited to participate, and beyond ecstatic when the time comes! Typically we receive information about two months out which includes direction of the theme. This year was different, no design focus at all. As many may think “that must be easy, you get to do whatever you want.” However, we were faced with a difficult task in deciding exactly how we would showcase our work.

Some time passed and we still hadn’t decided what to do. Finally, after weeks of travel, planning and going about our regular (busy) spring event season, we came up with our design. As many know in New York, the weather has been quite brutal… we made it through an extra long and cold winter. Our inspiration drew from the few teaser days of seventy plus degrees and the desire for sunshine and spring blooms. Our ever extravagant inventory led us to use the oversized flowers, because there’s nothing better than whimsical pops of color! This event allows us to take our design flair over the top, so we added as much color as possible in all the right places.





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